Zazzle are a Print On Demand web company where anyone can open a shop and put their print designs up for sale.  The shop is free for the designer, and their work is printed, packaged and sent on its way by Zazzle only when someone had asked for it.  Zazzle have a wide collection of goods ranging through t-shirts, cups, posters, shoes, office accessories and a great deal more.


The company founded in 1999 in Redwood California has a good reputation, allowing individuals and major retailers like Disney studios and Hallmark to make their characters and material available for unique products the whole world over.


Unique means if you want a t-shirt with a particular cartoon character saying hi, then you just visit their store, choose a design and place your own caption on it.


As well as allowing individual designers access to a world market, they have technology that allows a purchaser to individualize any product that they buy, just as a one off object.  So if you wanted to buy a plain t-shirt and put your own caption or design on it – you can.